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Keeping the beaches and oceans clean- Green habitat is committed to cleaning the environment, especially where pollution has made and impact. One of our tasks is to remove garbage from the beaches and recycle it or repurpose it. Most of the plastic items are turned into plastic garbage bins or pieces of artwork that are placed in schools and communities to teach children the importance of recycling.



Protecting endemic species- the protection of endemic species is key to nature´s balance. Trees, shrubs and other plants are re located and replanted in areas that will help them thrive. The balance between water and plants is essential to keep animals coming back into the ecosystem, thus maintaining the chain of life and balance.

Turtle’s nests have also been relocated on the beach to keep nest from being raided and robbed, once born they are released back into the ocean.



Lending a hand in the community- Green habitat preservation is always looking our for the welfare of the community, making sure that fair trade and fair wages, inclusive job opportunities and job growth.


Ecological education and Recycling-

Organized efforts to teach how natural environments function, and particularly, how human beings can manage behavior and ecosystems to live sustainably.

1.Engaging with citizens of all demographics to;

2. Think critically, ethically, and creatively when evaluating environmental issues;

3. Make educated judgments about those environmental issues;

4. Develop skills and a commitment to act independently and collectively to sustain and enhance the environment; and,

5. To enhance their appreciation of the environment; resulting in positive environmental behavioral change.

Women empowerment- It is Clear to us that the empowerment of women is essential to community growth and to way to strengthen the social tissue. We are invested in educating on the importance of equality between genders. Provide the ticket to education: clean water. Making sure mothers and girls don´t have to miss school or work to get clean water. Support girls and women in crisis; women who have been abused or who are in danger of being abused, mentor a girl close to home, promote a small business owner, advocated to end preventable deaths of mothers and children, help a new mothers.


Education- In rural communities or communities that have gone the effects of a natural disaster Green Habitat Preservation Project has helped rebuilt schools or create new “container schools” for kids who have trouble accessing school because of the recondite homes they live in.


Indigenous rights- its very common for indigenous people to be displaced, or have their land bought at a fraction of the price. We are committed to help and educate them while respecting ancient traditions as well as helping with employer to train them so that they may ensure a job once the training is finished.