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Tania is a self-made serial Social Entrepreneur and Architect, CEO and Founder of “Green Habitat Developments” a Real Estate Investment Trust base in Austin, Texas and Co-Founder of an International Non-Profit Organization “Green Habitat Preservation” in previous years her passion for sports lead her to create “Proforma GYM” a membership base health club in addition to a business in the trade industry with Asia as Co-Founder of “Evo Formance” an LED International brand, she holds two Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, Management, Finances and Operations from The University of Texas at Austin - The Red McCombs School of Business and a master degree is business in EGADE Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.


Tania is the President of the McCombs Mexican Alumni for the University of Texas in Austin making a difference in the Latino community and creating events to fundraise scholarships and endowments, she is also the former president of the Club of Budapest México as part of the family of the Club of Budapest International which is gathering humanitarian activists worldwide such as the 14th Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra to mention some.


Tania is an International public speaker and passionate activist about sustainability and green practices, she speaks to business, political and community leaders in English and Spanish, she discussed around the world how sustainable business models promoting an evolved consciousness and ethical production and consumption cycles are urgently needed for our world in order to achieve sustainable relationships between Humankind and our natural Eco-systems.


a. "Green Architecture and innovation for School out of the box project", Multimedia Press Conference 2017, Mexico City, Mexico

b. “Hispanic woman growing in the community” Expo Amhiga 2017. Austin, TX.

c. “Leadership talks for the Club of Budapest towards the year 2020” Budapest, Hungary 2016.

d. “Social Acupuncture” Discussion panel at the NEXUS conference for leaders at the United Nations, New York, New York, 2016.

e. “How to become a sustainable hero for the world” City of Teotihuacan, México, 2016

f. “Co-Empowering a Sustainable Future thru compassion” TEDx Tulum, México. 2015

g. “World wide meeting on human values” Monterrey, Mexico 2015.

h. “Green Architecture practices in the Caribbean” NEXUS Montego Bay, Jamaica, 2015

i. "Overcoming self-doubt to direct change" Austin, Texas 2015

j. “Change factor for a green planet” Houston, Texas 2015

k. “Social Responsible Practices in Business” Annual McCombs Mexican Alumni in collaboration with McCombs School of Business and EGADE Business Schools Speaker Series in Mexico City.







Tania has been interviewed about Sustainability and Green Practices on TV such as CNN México, Green TV and Efekto TV, various radio stations and National newspapers such as “The Sol the Mexico” and “El Economista” and had been published in the international journal of The Club of Budapest Americas (COBA) on her article “Green Architecture in High Density Cities”.


Further, Tania serves as an advisor for the MBA program at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin MBA Advisory board and is an active board of director’s member for Memnosyne Institute in Dallas, Texas and is a Member of NEXUS and Indigenous Issues Working Group; Tania has participated in a Global Youth Submit at the United Nations and is currently serving as an Ambassador for Amhiga Hispana in Austin, TX.



She designed and oversaw the project and logistics for the Non-profit organization the Memnosyne Institute to create the first Maya-sustainable and green School in the Yucatan area in México, this Architectural Model for the “School-out-of-a-Box” project incorporate ECO- Technologies and some principles of Organic Architecture and she collaborates with projects dedicated to empower economic and productivity practices in Indigenous communities around the world, and believes in the expansion of Permaculture and Urban Agriculture as a societal solution for humankind.


Tania participated in a social prototype to rebuilt Nepal after the earthquake in 2015 using EcoTechnologies and BIO-Construction for off-grid solutions and invited to participate as a consultant in the various efforts to restore and protect natural resources in the Caribbean thru sustainable developments in Holbox/Tulum, México and San Pedro, Belize while documenting all the experiences in a co-writing book about “Co- Creative partnership to manifest the sustainable dream”


Tania is launching a no-profit program thru her company Green Habitat Preservation in response of the 2017 crisis around the world after 2 hurricanes and 3 earthquakes hit Mexico, Puerto Rico and Houston, she believes in the urgent need to rebuilt with green architecture and educate the communities about the best practices to avoid future damage and promote a culture around prevention.


Recently, Tania was invited to join a partnership with a Japanese Solar Company to create solar grids and energy generation thru Mexico, Texas and all Latin America and the Caribbean in an effort to promote the use of renewables in the world and stop the dependency of fossil fuels.


As a committed world traveler she had visited more than 39 countries with a vast diversity such as India, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and lately Jordan and Egypt to meet diverse groups embracing social change and in search for technological innovations. Tania recently travel to Japan to study ZEN gardens and other techniques from Asia such as Feng Shui to incorporate in her green designs, she advocates for the dignity and quality of life through the practice of Green Architecture to empower individuals and communities to live with in balance and harmony with nature.



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 ● Speaker and Ambassador of Amhiga Hispana Non-Profit Organization in Austin, Texas  

 ● “Co-empowering a sustainable future” Tania Arrayales, TEDx Tulum

 ● Radio Talk: ‘Building a Better World: Featuring Tania Rodriguez of Green Habitat” The State of Woman  






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