Green Habitat Developments is a Property Development Company dedicated to Green and Sustainable Construction implementing principles such as Bio-construction and Permaculture.


Our Mission is to provide residential and commercial infrastructure with a minimum footprint on the planet and with the maximum positive impact on the local community and the environment. 


Green Habitat works in collaboration with biologists, archaeologists and geologists in a multidisciplinary effort to preserve and regenerate the land and the environment before, during and after our Green Habitat Developments. We also believe in the protection and empowerment of indigenous cultures as a part of the old knowledge that must be preserved and shared with new generations. 


We implement the latest green technology innovations in our designs to integrate the best solutions and eco-technologies available to achieve our goal of "designing and building in balance and harmony with nature”


Green Habitat has also created a separate Non-Profit Organization to advocate for green restoration solutions, maximum social impact and best practices in the communities where our developments have and are taking place. Green Habitat Non-Profit is the vehicle to align our values of Conscious Capitalism and Social Entrepreneurship towards sustainable development, investment and green projects that restore eco-systems and educate youth.


Green Habitat also believes in fair trade, indigenous rights, animal protection and environmental preservation. We create spaces that inspire people and communities to live a healthier and more integrated life.


Green Habitat's Core value is "Love and Care for the Planet”. We are 100% committed to conservation practices to protect the water, save energy, utilize clean sources of energy such as solar and wind, community empowerment, utilize local products, educate against deforestation, promoting permaculture, the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions to avoid the green house effect in the planet. And to leave am overall positive footprint through our activities by expanding the green innovations and sustainable practices.



Tania is a self-made serial Social Entrepreneur and Architect, Founder and CEO of “Green Habitat Developments” a Real Estate Investment Trust and Co-Founder of an Non-Profit Organization “Green Habitat Preservation” among with other startups in different industries; she holds two Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, Management and Finances from The University of Texas at Austin - The Red McCombs School of Business and EGADE Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.


Tania is an International public speaker and passionate activist about sustainability and green practices, she speaks to business, political and community leaders in English and Spanish about how sustainable business models promote consciousness, ethical production and consumption cycles are urgently needed for our world in order to achieve sustainable relationships between Humankind and our natural Eco-systems.

As a committed world traveler she had visited more than 36 counties with a vast diversity in continents like Africa, Asia, America and Europe and managed business relationships in countries such as India, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Spain, France and lately traveled to Jordan and Egypt to meet diverse groups embracing social change and in search for technological innovations. She advocates for the dignity and quality of life through the practice of Green Architecture to empower individuals and communities to live with in balance and harmony with nature.

Tania has been interviewed about Sustainability and Green Practices on TV such as “CNN México”, “Green TV” and “Efekto TV”, various radio stations and National newspapers such as “The Sol the Mexico”, “Reforma”, “Milenio” and “El Economista” and had been published in the international journal of The Club of Budapest Americas (COBA) on her article “Green Architecture in High Density Cities”and recently in a panel discussion about “Social Acupuncture” for Nexus summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.

Further, Tania serves as an advisor for the MBA program at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin MBA Advisory board and is an active board of director’s member for Memnosyne Institute in Dallas, Texas and is an active member for Indigenous Issues Working Groups and currently is serving as an Ambassador for Hispanics groups in Texas to advocate for Immigrants rights.



David Woolfson is a business lawyer in private practice in Toronto, Canada and a ‘world futures actionist’ addressing many of the unprecedented societal and ecological challenges and opportunities now before us. He focuses on new thinking and actions emphasizing ‘whole-system’ approaches and solutions that blend social and technological innovations with the evolution of our collective consciousness toward a peaceful and sustainable future for all.




Xavier Rodriguez is a Mexican specialist in logistics and project management. He has a deep interest and passion for sustainable developments with digital media experience.

As part of the team, his  management abilities  require his expertise and involvement in every area and process of the architectural and non-profit development.

Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. He is passionate about design and printing, in particular: sustainable design. Collaborating with Green Habitat Project he has put to good use his extensive experience in the design, development of complexes and renders. He decided to join this team because of the importance of green culture in the area of development and construction.



Originally from the South of Mexico. José has a masters in natural resources management. He is also an academic technician of the South Border College Chetumal Unit, Q. Roo, in the Marine Pollution Laboratory Research work on coral reef ecology and marine pollution projects. Sustainable Development Management in Xel-ha Park.


Native of Yucatán Mexico, a plant lover, dedicated to the rescue of flora before each construction, joins the team to share their experience and translate it into each Project.


Permaculture/ indigenous cultures student & natural farmer learning from the wisdom, beauty and mystical power of Mother Nature, the greatest artist,  in designing healing green landscapes/structures, growing nourishing, vibrant  foods/medicine, supporting & seeking guidance from indigenous communities and living in harmony with sacred pacha mama. 

Assisting Green Habitat with natural building/landscape design including green roofs, living walls, natural pools, rain catchment systems and alternative energy sources. 

Additionally, through the Green Habitat Foundation,   connecting with and aiding indigenous communities in the region as well as  projects protecting local flora & fauna such as the threatened Melipona bees and sea turtles.